Don’t let anxiety get in your way

Anagha. October 20, 2022

I know, when I tell you that we will be doing exercises during your Physiotherapy session, you will only think one thing. BORING!! However a session for somebody with Parkinson’s is anything but boring. You need to be prepared to be tired and challenged during the session and, if you put your heart and soul into the session, exhausted at the end. Whenever I see somebody in one of my clinics at the Sittingbourne or Maidstone Physiotherapy Clinic, I have only one thing on my mind. FUN!! Our sessions are fun, interesting and personalised for you, you’ll work hard but will reap the benefits. That’s why I recommend coming to try out one of our specialised Parkinson’s sessions!

Simple activities such as turning over in bed, getting out of a chair and walking in the garden are activities that people with Parkinson’s can find challenging. Regular Physiotherapy helps you to maintain the activity levels that you currently have and not regress. We just need to look at what you do and fine tune these exercises so that you can carry on. We may use the gym ball to help you keep up with your functional goals.

If there is one core component that you won’t like at the beginning, it’s balance training. This is normally due to the fact that you may have lost confidence in yourself. As you build your confidence, your balance improves and you start to love these exercises. We could play with a ball, or stand with our feet close together, maybe practice doing pigeon steps or even dancing to your favourite music!

Parkinson’s can cause your muscle to become more rigid which slows down your movements. This means that activities such as walking, climbing the stairs or gardening seem unachievable at the beginning. But, I will give you some secret hints and tips that can help you find easier ways to do the same activity and greatly reduce the risk of falls. Those with Parkinson’s can also have issues with chewing, swallowing or speaking as the face muscles become stiffer. This is often called a face mask. During the session, we will do special facial exercises (sometimes in front of the mirror) to help restore and maintain movement.

The Physiotherapy exercises that we do are crucial to maintaining the strength and flexibility of your muscles, reducing fatigue, preventing any possible chest or respiratory complications and keeping you independent. Depending on the severity of the condition and your current physical ability, I would design specific activities to do in each session in consultation with you. After doing these exercises, I’m sure you will feel a lot more confident and happier and you will also have had a good time!

If you have Parkinson’s or if you know someone or are caring for somebody who has Parkinson’s, look for a Neuro-Physiotherapy centre near you as soon as possible. Trust me, you won’t regret your decision ;)

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