How A Pelvic Physiotherapist Can Help During Menopause

Tiffany. May 01, 2023

How can a Pelvic health Physiotherapist help me during Menopause?

I see a lot of women in the Physiotherapy Clinic in Sittingbourne, and the questions I get are the same.

Everyone’s experience of menopause is different. As hormone production by the ovaries starts to fall most women do experience some symptoms however which symptoms and the extent can vary lots.

The reduction in the hormone oestrogen can lead to a group of genital and urinary symptoms called GSM or Genitourinary symptoms of menopause. The good news Is that Pelvic physiotherapy can help with all these symptoms.

Menopausal symptoms that pelvic physiotherapy can help with include :

  • 1. Incontinence : leaking of urine.
  • 2. Increased urgency and frequency : Needing to urgently pass urine, feeling as though you are unable to ‘hold it in’ or feeling as though you need to pass urine more often.
  • 3. Symptoms of prolapse : often this feels as though there is something dragging down below.
  • 4. Finding insertion for things such as sex or smear tests is uncomfortable.
  • 5. Feeling weak and fatigued.
  • 6. Lower back pain.
  • 7. Constipation
  • 8. Strength and conditioning : It is estimated that women lose 10% of their bone mass is the first 5 years after menopause which is why its so important to ensure we are fit and strong.

If you are looking for a Women’s Pelvic Physiotherapist in Sittingbourne, then come and see me and I will be more than happy to help!

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