Express Yourself – Facial Acupuncture

Desiree. March 16, 2023

The way intention is conveyed through communication is divided into 3 sections - 55% is through your face and expressions, 38% through inflection and the tone of your voice and only 7% comes from the words themselves.

Your face can tell a thousand things you feel or experience even without you even uttering a word. Ever wondered how?

Your face speaks through expressions, the skin on your face shows your health and overall well-being. Whenever you feel sad, happy or under the weather, it is noticeable.

There are multiple options available to enhance your facial looks, such as cosmetic products, use of fillers, injections and cosmetic surgery. But these prevent our face from communicating effectively. Cosmetic products add a superficial layer to the skin to mask the texture of the face. Injections, filler and cosmetic procedures enhance your features but have the potential to paralyse the facial muscles, consequently numbing our expressive capacities.

Instead why not consider natural ways to enhance your wellbeing and setting your face free to express you and your health!

Traditional Oriental medicine (TOM) emphasizes facial rejuvenation using acupuncture as it enhances blood circulation to the muscles and boosts your skin tone to its finest level, without the use of injections or surgery. TOM promotes the idea that your face expresses the functioning of your internal organs. Similarly, according to Western medicine, a healthy person with good circulation, digestion, and sleeping patterns not only feels but also looks healthier and younger.

The facial acupuncture technique covers the face, scalp, jaw and several points on the hands and legs to aid a holistic approach targeting the whole body. Studies have reported that facial cosmetic acupuncture increases the oil and water content in the muscle and. It also gradually straightens and shortens the muscle fibres increasing the muscle elasticity for an improved muscular tone.

In conclusion, facial acupuncture techniques not only nourish the face but also boost its muscular energy. This technique also protects the face from harmful external toxins entering the face, thereby avoiding side effects to you and your health.

Enrich your Face naturally to let it speak freely!

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