Do you have a painful pelvis?

Namrata. February 01, 2023
Pelvic girdle pain

Finding it difficult to walk, turn in bed, stand, manage your regular daily activities, and get some exercise during your pregnancy?

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) is a condition affecting the pelvis and pelvic region, common in pregnancy and more common in women than men. 1 in 5 pregnant women complain of discomfort and pain in the front or back of their pelvis during their 2nd and 3rd trimester. This is due to the uneven weight distribution on the pelvic joint or stiffness of the joint in their pelvis.


The pelvis is made of 3 joints. Pain during pregnancy occurs when the joints move unevenly and with the additional weight due to the growing baby. With these changes there is strain on the pelvis with standing, walking and sitting.

It is generally observed more in women with a past history of low back pain, pelvic injury, increased BMI or hypermobility syndrome.


If that is precisely the question you’ve been asking yourself, we have some suggestions for you which would be helpful.

  • 1. Try to change positions as frequently as you can-going from sitting activities to standing (to change sitting position every 30 mins)
  • 2. Take frequent breaks while performing daily activities.
  • 3. Take enough rest along with keeping yourself active.
  • 4. When standing try to keep equal weight on both of the legs.
  • 5. Sleep on the less painful side.
  • 6. Try to keep your legs together when turning in bed or while moving in an out of the car.
  • 7. Keep a pillow in between your knees and under the bump while lying to provide support.

These are a few things which should be avoided.

  • 1. Sitting for a longer time or sitting with crossed legs.
  • 2. Standing on one leg.
  • 3. Turning, twisting, bending, stooping.
  • 4. Avoid lifting anything heavy such as shopping bags.
  • 5. Using the stairs too often.
  • 6. Avoid carrying the baby on one hip.

Getting help from one of our highly trained Physiotherapists at one of our Physiotherapy clinics in Sittingbourne, Maidstone or Bexley would be beneficial as they would be able to help you give guidance and suggest various exercises to help, manage the pain, help with restricting a worsening of pain, and be able to get back to daily activities pain free. The earlier a Physiotherapist is approached, the better the outcomes.

It is quite possible to get PGP during a future pregnancy. It would be a good idea to keep exercising even after the pain has been resolved to help build strength and support to your lower back and pelvic region and to avoid a reoccurrence of lower back or pelvic girdle pain.

For more information please give me a ring on 01795 60 60 66 and we would be delighted to help you with more information and talk to you about beginning your journey to recovery.

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