Diet Or Exercise – Which Is Better?

Desiree. May 20, 2023

Should one diet or exercise? A healthy diet provides nourishment to the body and exercise improves metabolism and body strength. What we eat in a day is the foundation for a healthier body and what we do in the day is the foundation for the management and maintenance of a healthier body. Exercise helps you burn fat,diet alone cannot do that. Diet helps you keep your calorie intake in check that exercise is unable to do.

Exercise increases your metabolism,meaning you burn more calories all day long. It also means better digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food intake. Benefits of exercise include improved brain health as it releases happy hormones,and improved strength of bones and muscles leading to better physical health. Exercise also reduces risk of fracture and soft tissue injury and aids in better ability to do daily activities.

This leads to a healthier lifestyle, reduced risk of diseases and a reduction of fat deposition in the body. What we put into our bodies makes a difference. The benefits of a healthy diet are as numerous as the benefits of exercise: It decreases your risk for long-lasting disease, helps with weight control, assists in mental health management and enhances better looking skin by reducing ageing effects.

The benefits of a good diet are the same as exercise, making the two a magical potion for a healthy body. Hence, exercise and diet are both important for a long-term overall health.

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