What do children need?

Abigail (guest blogger). July 19, 2022

Recently, we had a visit from 7 year old Abigail who liked the idea of our blogs and decided to write one of her own.

We were very impressed with the spelling and ideas that she put forward!

So, this is what Abigail wrote and we decided to publish it for everybody to read, exactly as she wrote it :

When it’s hot, make sure your child wears a hat.

If they are hungry give them food.

If they are thirsty, give them a drink.

Make sure your child wears clean clothes.

When it’s school time, make sure they go.

If they are ill, look after them.

The most important thing is that kids must feel safe.

They need shelter, care, love and happiness.

I have a lovely, caring Mummy. I love her and I am doing this to make you have the same as me.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got money, but all that matters is what is in your and your child’s heart.

Thank you for reading! I am still a child myself.

Be a good parent!

From Abigail

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