How To Set Up Your Workstation

Elmer. July 19, 2022

So many of us have been working from home in the comfort of our own living rooms, sat on the sofa, at the dinner table or on our beds. But now, we are steadily going back to the workplaces we left in March 2020.

We spend hours sat in front of a computer screen or with our phone glued to our ears and we have developed poor posture. But rest assured, perfect posture is just an illusion as it doesn’t exist!

We are all different and our bodies are made differently and we all have different jobs. But there is one thing that we all have in common. Sitting for hours at a desk leads to fatigue of the muscles and means that our joints are constantly being stressed.

People talk about ‘ergonomics’ and an ‘ergonomically correct workstation’, but what does this really mean?

Workplace ergonomics considers your anatomy and physiology to create a workplace that is efficient for you, which leads to an all round better work experience! It is one of the best solutions to prevent any musculoskeletal problems.

I’ve come up with these top tips for you on how to set up your desk and follow when you are at work. They’re simple to follow and should really help you!

Don’t sit too close to the screen!

Make sure your desktop/computer is right in front of you and at least an arm's length from your eye.

Place your screen at eye level.

You also want to make sure the top of the screen is either at eye level or an inch below as it saves you making those jerky neck movements.

Give yourself enough leg room.

Check if there is adequate leg room and clearance for your thighs and legs below the desk so you can always have a quick stretch when you need one.

Rest your feet on the floor.

If your chair is too high for you, make sure you have a foot rest to rest your feet one, this will do the whole world of good to you!

Make objects easy to reach.

Check if your keyboard and mouse are on the same surface and close to your upper body. You don't want to be bending your wrists while typing as it leads to increased load and stiffness in the fingers. This reduces the chances of a repetitive strain injury.

Avoid hurting your neck with a simple yet effective fix!

If you are someone who uses the telephone a lot, you should consider getting a headset as it will make life much easier and save you from awkwardly jamming the phone between your ear and shoulder as you make a quick note in your dairy!

Don’t forget to take a quick rest/stretch break!

Make sure to take appropriate rest/stretch breaks after spending an hour or two in front of the screen.

Pro Tip: Be smart and use the keyboards shortcuts whenever you can to minimize the use of the mouse!

Do try and use these simple tips and you will really see a positive impact. It’s amazing how much difference small changes and tweaks can make!

A qualified professional is the best person to assess how your desk is set up and Physiotherapists are a good place to start. If you are experiencing any aches and pains, then a massage can help in the first instance.

Do look out for more top tips and hints. Our Physiotherapy Teams in Sittingbourne and Maidstone would love to discuss this with you!

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